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Norton Internet Security Must Die

Die die die!

If you have a Netcomm NB3 ADSL modem, and you have Norton Internet Security installed, you will not be able to configure the modem. Neither the automatic configuration program, nor the manual configuration through your browser will work.

I actually had to get the customer to telnet into modem - fortunately, they were reasonably cluey - before Norton revealed its evil presence and I twigged as to what was going on.

This was, of course, after we sent them a replacement modem.

Die die die! Die Norton die!

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1 Was this because Norton was blocking ports ? I can't imagine why it would block the config page. Obviously a security risk ! Another one of those Twilight Zone bizarro things, huh.

Posted by: Andrew at Friday, January 06 2006 01:31 AM (RWEVY)

2 Actually, it doesn't block the ports, it blocks part of the web pages the modem generates. Which makes it kind of hard to work out what the problem is.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, January 06 2006 03:57 AM (LUBRF)

3 Ugh. I just spent an afternoon rooting the thing out of my parents' new computer. It came pre-installed with a 90-day subscription - but I have free software that I use for all of its functions. OK, so: Add/Remove Programs? It ain't there. Program Files? No Uninstall or Setup. Right, Google: sure enough, there is an uninstall program that you can download from Symantec. Download, run, reboot, problems, debug: the GUI is gone, but the services and processes are still there! Whisky Tango Foxtrot? I ended up knee-deep in registry keys, but I finally nailed the nasty thing. The uninstall program is apparently designed to work that way - everyone I know who has tried it had the same issue. Simply evil.

Posted by: Dominic at Saturday, January 07 2006 07:49 AM (uyRJS)

4 I used to work with a guy who came into my office complaining that his MAC kept crashing all day. I went to his office and found that he had every little bit of Norton for the MAC installed. I removed all of it. Two days later he came to me and said that all of his Norton Utilities were missing. I asked him if he had been crashing. He said he hadn't since I fixed it. I explained that Norton was the source of the problem. Four days later he came back to complain that the constant crashes had returned. I checked his system and sure enough he had re-installed Norton. I explained to him that Norton was causing the crashes but he said he liked Norton. So I told him to stop complaining. I cherish the day he quit.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at Sunday, January 15 2006 08:19 PM (DdRjH)

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