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Fedora Core 5 has lost the convenient option to install everything. You have to select the various categories, select the various sub-categories, and then open a pop-up window to select the optional sub-components.

I selected all of the basic things, and selected sub-components until I ran out of patience.

This installed 4.6 gigabytes of stuff. It did not install iostat. Or sar.

Update: Updating Fedora is abysmally slow, as always. And while the update is running - which looks set to take several hours - you can't install anything. Bleh.

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1 Last time I installed FC5 from the DVD, I was sure I'd clicked everything, but somehow I ended up without Emacs. And for some reason it wanted to create one big file system spanned across all of my available drives. -j

Posted by: J Greely at Thursday, September 21 2006 10:59 AM (0/vcb)

2 Okay - now I know my brain is completely fried.   Took me nearly an entire read-through of the top 2 posts before I remembered what Fedora was!  Sheesh.  And I really don't think I've been working as hard as you have Pixy.  Somewhere along the line all of my working brain cells have gone into hibernation - either that or they've all given up the ghost.

Posted by: Teresa at Friday, September 22 2006 12:00 AM (jgXyO)

3 That "grab all HDs" behaviour reminds me of another OS's bad install behaviour ... SCO installs do the same damned thing ... and they don't bother to ask permission.

Posted by: Kristopher at Friday, September 22 2006 10:19 AM (O5Ju8)

4 I'm working with virtual machines at the moment, so I haven't experienced all the nuances of Fedora 5's install-time disk management.  But from (painful) memory (from Red Hat 6.1 up through Fedora Core 4 beta 2) they somehow manage to select the worst possible behaviour for whatever your purpose and hardware configuration might be. 

My favourite was where you had to deselect which drives it could create a particular partition on... on a system with ten disks.  So for each element of a RAID array, you had to select nine of the disks and tell it that you didn't want this partition placed there.

Actually, no, my favourite was when you got tired of doing that and double-clicked to auto-allocate the remainder of a particular drive to a new partition - and the installer crashed.  After you'd spent an hour creating all those partitions. Now that was fun.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, September 22 2006 10:42 AM (0Lkqa)

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