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Wednesday, September 06



You may have a Core 2 Duo E6600; you may have 4GB of memory and a brand-new 320GB SATA-2 disk drive; but if you are running Windows XP you are running with memory management algorithms that don't appear to have been tuned since the release of NT 3.1.

Linux (2.6 kernel) has /proc/sys/vm/swappiness. For workstations, you really want this set to zero. Probably not for servers, but for workstations with plenty of memory, it's great.

Does anyone know if there is anything like that in XP?

Update: Jonathan Tappan says in comments:

My Computer
Advanced Tab
Performance Settings
Advanced Tab
Virtual Memory Change
Select "No Paging File"
Yep, that'll do it.

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Tuesday, September 05


Cute Is As Cute Does

Just unwinding with some Ichigo Mashimaro after a hard day of mmph mph mmmph mph.*

Steven wrote:

The theme song to Ichigo Mashimaro ("Strawberry Marshmallow") begins, "You mustn't call us cute!"
But the fansub I have** has the line as "something like cuteness cannot be expressed in words".

Which I find interesting, because the distinction is subtle but significant. No way is my Japanese good enough to tell which one is more accurate - after all this time I'm still at the pick-up-words-and-occasional-phrases level - so I'll throw this one to the peanut gallery... If I still have a peanut gallery after my enforced absence of late.

kawaii nante sonna koto iccha dame desu says the subtitle.

Well, I can see the "cute" part anyway. And "nante", "sonna", "dame", and of course "desu" are familiar enough. But I looked up "iccha" and it doesn't even seem to be a word.

Update: Strawberry Pocky! Yeah!

* Which is made even more enjoyable by the fact that I am not allowed to talk about it.
** I am years behind in watching my fansubs. I keep right on downloading them, though.

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