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Daily News Stuff 19 May 2024

If You Give A Rat A Cookie Edition

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  • Section 230 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects online platforms from most civil and criminal action if all they do is faithfully present data provided by their users (and take appropriate action when informed that action needs to be taken).

    But that law may not provide any protection at all when the data is rewritten using AI.  (MSN)

    Oh no.


  • AMD's beastly Strix Point Halo CPU could be even more of a beast than previously anticipated.  (Hot Hardware)

    This chip - or rather, module, since it seems to consist of three smaller chiplets - will have 16 full Zen 5 CPU cores (rather than the anticipated Zen 5c, which is fully compatible but smaller and slower) and 40 RDNA3 graphics cores, with a 256-bit bus.

    It will also have some number of Zen 5c cores on the graphics part of the module, though we don't yet know how many.

    It's basically a PlayStation 5 except with three times the CPU performance.

    (AMD also designed the chip for the PlayStation 5.  And the Xbox Series X and S.)

  • It's not a bubble!  With AI startups booming, the rest of the Silicon Valley bullshit is back too.  (Tech Crunch)

    It's a bubble.

  • LXD can do anything.

    You just have to be prepared to jump through seventeen flaming hoops to get there.

    Was having a lot of trouble preserving client IP addresses coming into a containerised proxy.  This is the solution:

    1. Forget binding public IPs to your containers; use LXD's proxy devices wheich are more specific and hence more secure.

    2. To preserve the client IP the proxy device must be running either in NAT mode or proxy protocol mode.

    3. Proxy protocol mode doesn't work at all with Caddy, at least in default settings.  It just turns every request into a 400 error.

    4. To configure NAT mode just add nat=true to your proxy commands, e.g.

    lxc config device add $MY_CONTAINER http-proxy proxy listen=tcp:$PUBLIC_IP:80 connect=tcp:$CONTAINER_IP:80 nat=true

    5. This will fail.

    6. You need to make CONTAINER_IP a static address - by default it's picked up from the hosts file.

    7. You can't.

    8.  Unless...  You delete and then re-add the container's network device following the instructions here.

    9. Now your proxy server will keep the client IP addresses.

    10. Yay.  I only spent five hours on that.

Anime Music Video of the Day

Song is Long Gone and Moved On by The Script.  Anime is Usagi Drop a.k.a Bunny Drop, which tells the story of a family gathering when the clan patriarch passes away - only to find he's left them an unexpected gift in the form of his six year old daughter.  

When the ostensible adults in the room are discussing what should be done with her - the mother has disappeared - Daikichi, the 30-something man you can see in the video, says Fuck you guys, she's family, I'll take her in if you're all too useless.

He knows absolutely nothing about raising children, but he finds a way to make it work.

Disclaimer: I'll pass on the recommendation not to read the manga for this one.  I took the advice so I can't confirm it either way.  The anime though is utterly delightful.

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