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Daily News Stuff 13 May 2024

X Marks The Plot Edition

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  • Leaked details of Intel's upcoming Arrow Lake desktop CPUs indicate that the company is abandoning hyper-threading.  (Forbes)

    Hyper-threading allows a single core to work on two tasks at once, or almost at once, interleaving instructions from two different programs on alternate cycles.

    This improves overall performance by around 20%, but at the cost of increased complexity and power consumption and the introduction of subtle security issues.

    Since Intel's new efficiency cores run at about the same speed as each thread on a hyper-threaded performance core - but use half as much space on the chip to do it - removing hyper-threading at this point makes perfect sense for Intel.

    AMD doesn't have efficiency cores as such.  It has its "c" cores, where c probably stands for compact, but they are functionally identical to the full-sized cores and include hyper-threading themselves.

  • Workers at the Towson, Maryland Apple Store have voted to authorise a strike.  (Tech Crunch)

    Right you are then.  Have fun.

Vtuber Music Video of the Day

Today's song is Rhythm by former Prism Project member, pocket-sized singer/songwriter/audio engineer Pina Pengin.  Prism was a small vtuber agency that was taken up by Sony Music and then dropped, hard, a year later.

In the space of a year Sony went from owning four vtuber agencies to just one, Vee.

Thankfully all the talents under Prism were given their model and channels so they could continue their careers as independents.  Which they are doing.  Inimitably.

Don't ask about Luto.  She's Australian.

I mean, so is Sara, but we don't hold it against her.

Disclaimer: So is Nana Asteria.  In fact, Prism had a dangerously high concentration of Aussies, and one Kiwi.

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