Friday, June 17


Book-Like Objects

Picked up The Hallowed Hunt today. This is the third book in the series that began with The Curse of Chalion, the best book to date by one of my favourite authors, Lois McMaster Bujold (better known for her Miles Vorkosigan novels).

Also in the store was John Varley's latest, Mammoth. I didn't buy that one because (a) it runs foul of Pixy's 77th Law (all books titled "Mammoth" suck), and (b) his last novel, Red Thunder, was complete crap. Maybe when it comes out in paperback.

Update: SPIT! It's US$16.47 at Amazon. Here in Oz it's A$54. Will someone please round up the Australian book publishing and distribution industry and shoot them? Thanks.

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1 What are the other Pixy's Laws? I know the first one: "Everything involving computers sucks." Now you can't just toss out Law #77 and expect us to believe there are 75 between #1 and #77. (BTW: re: Pixy's First Law. Can something so blindingly obvious actually be a Law?)

Posted by: Any A. Mouse at Friday, June 17 2005 12:14 PM (kCb5q)

2 Hehe, that's quite a bump up on the ol' exchange rate. Tell you what, I'll buy one here and sell it to you for the low low price of only A$53.

Posted by: TallDave at Friday, June 17 2005 01:33 PM (9XE6n)

3 You're right, "Red Thunder" sucked big weenie. I doubt he'll ever hit the high notes he did with the Gaea trilogy and "Persistance of Vision".

Posted by: LeeAnn at Saturday, June 18 2005 07:16 PM (v9jcm)

4 So how is Hallowed Hunt? I still have mixed feelings on the Chalion series (loved Curse, Paladin was sort of meh), but I'm enough of a Bujold fan to pick it up at some point. If it's good, that point might be sooner.

Posted by: Chris C. at Tuesday, June 21 2005 05:31 PM (GvCHO)

5 Well, I just got it for $13 from the sfbc, so even if it's meh+, it's not too bad.

Posted by: Chris C. at Thursday, June 23 2005 02:53 PM (GvCHO)

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