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Rats and Gargoyles

So, if Casaubon's mother hadn't been around to summon the birds to catch and eat the soul-moths of all the people dying of the plague magia that Plessiez had created to attack the Decans and their acolytes, and Zaribeth's sister hadn't arrived to guide the Boat of Night to pick up all those birds and their soul-burdens and take them through the Night Between Days (or whatever it was called) to tomorrow and reincarnation, would they (the souls) have then been sucked into the Night Sun and there suffered the True Death? And what would that have done to the structure of the Universe, already weakened by Spagyrus?

Exactly what role did the University of Crime play in the final outcome of events? How essential was it that Plessiez went back and disrupted the plague magia, aside from placating the Night Court? And the model of the Temple of Salomon that Casaubon and his friends built, that was finally made real by the Decan of the Eleventh Hour - did the pattern it embodied really make a difference?

Or did it all come down to Valentine White Crow, scholar-soldier of the Invisible College, saving Theodoret and finally pursuading Spagyrus not to commit suicide?

Heck, I don't know, and I've read the book.

There are two sequels, or at least books containing the same characters... Some of the same characters... Some characters with the same names. Anyway: Left to His Own Devices and The Architect of Desire. I'm reading those now, and I'll see if they shed any light on earlier events.

Probably not.

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1 I've Just read the same book, and I thought it was fairly obvious as what had actually, happened, and that is, that the UOC, (the machines of maths, and the cards & dice in the fane), along with Cauabon's model had had, combined, twisted fate just enogh to compell Theodorets Magia to effect the Spagyrus back to the physical plain, (i.e. to convince him not to die) AND for plessiez to be able to disable the plague magia he had created, AND to allow every last moth to be swollowed by Luka's Birds. The three subsequent events all played ther own part in restoring order. That is to say, three, seperate, cumulative actions, affecting three, seperate, cumulative actions, with three seperate cumulative effects. So there you have, exactly what Ms Gentle has been saying throughout the whole story (and preceding ones,), Patterns Compel (3, 3, 3) and is the entire basis of the book (series) being a scifi bassed Hermatic Science.

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