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Daily News Stuff 30 May 2023

Euphemistic Eucalypt Edition

Top Story

  • AI makes shit up.  (PowerLine)
    Crawford H. "Chet" Taylor served as the 14th governor of South Dakota, from 1949 to 1951. Taylor was born on July 23, 1915, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and he grew up in nearby Flandreau. Taylor attended the University of South Dakota, where he earned a law degree.
    Of course, this is ChatGPT "hallucinating" again.  Chet Taylor not only was never elected governor of South Dakota, no such person ever existed.

    While Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is announcing incomprehensibly expensive AI supercomputers at Computex, the actual results of generative AI - in the field of language and information, where all the interest and the big money is right now - are frankly, shit.

    Things are looking much better when it comes to AI-generated art, because there the look of the thing is what matters.  Is that a period-accurate representation of 2nd century Rome in the background behind the topless gladiatrix?  Nobody cares, so long as it looks good.

    Well, one person cares.  We'll get to him.

    And Chet Taylor looks good too.  He's just not real.  And since ChatGPT can't sustain a hallucination long enough to form a coherent short story, just for a couple of paragraphs, so it's utterly valueless.

    Nvidia still has a valuation greater than AMD and Intel combined, but at least one corner of that market cap is built on sand.

Tech News

That Guy Video of the Day

He actually discusses the historicity of topless Roman gladiatrices in another video (spoiler: they were real, and spectacular).   Here he's just debunking the notion - nearly Jaynesian in its vapidity - that the ancient Greeks couldn't see the colour blue.

Well-researched and well-argued, including a deconstruction of an old RadioLab episode that I had assumed was largely accurate.  He is careful to address the argument rather than attacking the arguer except in the case of the BBC, who just made shit up and fully deserve it.

Disclaimer: It's doesn't look blue, it just looks like it looks blue.

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1 "And Chet Taylor looks good too."
Chet looks so good he has two pocket squares.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, May 30 2023 11:29 PM (k3/O4)

2 "MediaTek's next high-end chip could contain four Cortex X4 cores and drop the low-power cores entirely."

Meh, low power cores aren't really so bad; they get a lot done in the background, and Intel's learned to pack 'em in.  I was doing a BOINC project recently and my 1235U, while not nearly as fast as the 5800X in processing work units, did pretty good with 2P8E--and only used about 35W.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, May 30 2023 11:33 PM (k3/O4)

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