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Thursday, July 07


Double Ugh

I had the site monitoring alarm on.

It runs as a script in WSL on my laptop.

I must have bumped the terminal somehow, because if a gnat farts anywhere within a mile of the WSL terminal it stops scrolling which means it also stops making noise.

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Wednesday, July 06


Daily News Stuff 6 July 2022

Yes We Have No Home Loans Edition

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  • Side note: A number of people asked - reasonably enough - why on Earth I would take a variable rate home loan rather than locking in historically low interest rates with a 30 year fixed mortgage.

    The reason is, so far as I can tell, 30 year fixed rate mortgages are a uniquely American creation.  They simply don't exist in Australia.  The closest thing I could find here is a 10 year mortgage at 7.45%, when my variable rate loan is currently at 3.15%.

    That rate will be going up again after the latest Reserve Bank announcement here, but it would have to go up a lot to match the fixed rate.

  • Also, thanks - a few people pointed me at CZUR scanners, and that does look like the way to go.

  • Closer to home but not much the EU has declared war on Apple.  (MacRumors)

    More specifically they've adopted legislation requiring big tech companies (including but not limited to Apple and Google) to allow developers to use third party payment providers (killing the 30% cut they take of every transaction) and access all services provided by the hardware device if given permission by the user.

    Users meanwhile are covered by a requirement to allow third-party app stores and sideloading.  Not a drama for Android, but a huge change for iOS.

    Apple would also not be able to force developers to use the Safari web engine, and manufacturers and carriers would not be allowed to pre-install applications that the user cannot remove.

    Cue a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth from the Bay Area.

    Just a few short years ago I would have decried this as massive government overreach, but Big Tech pooped their bed and now they must lie in it.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Mmm, sausages.

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Tuesday, July 05


Daily News Stuff 5 July 2022

  • Interest Rate Printer Go Brrr Edition

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Tech News

Disclaimer: Press any key to doubt.

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Monday, July 04


Daily News Stuff 4 July 2022

Blargh Edition

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  • Happy birthday, America! If there's one truth you should always keep close to your heart, it is this: Communists are not people.

  • Meanwhile, I really could have done without that sequence of events, though if Event C hadn't led me to discover Event D when I did, it could have been a whole lot worse.

    I'll just say I'm glad I bought that carpet washer and that it has a dry function as well as shampoo and vacuum.

  • On the other hand, those LG UP850-W monitors I bought and still hadn't got around to unboxing? Pretty sweet monitors.

  • Speaking of things we could do without: Bug bounty company HackerOne had a weasel in its midst. (Bleeping Computer)

    The idea behind this is pretty straightforward:

    1. You spot a security flaw (might be another bug, but security problems are the big ones) in an online service.
    2. You report the details via HackerOne.
    3. The operator of the online service pays you for the information. And hopefully fixes the problem.

    Where this came unstuck is that a HackerOne employee decided to cut out the middle man - which is to say, HackerOne - and just sell the security flaws to the highest bidder.

    Which was very lucrative for them, right up until they got caught.

    Also, this year being this year, there's this stupidity:
    HackerOne notes that its former employee had used "threatening” and "intimidating” language in their interaction with customers and urged customers to contact the company if they received disclosures made in an aggressive tone.
    Sure, they stole security information and sold it to hackers, but they were also rude.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I wonder what is the Docker equivalent of a carpet washer with a dry function.

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Sunday, July 03


Daily News Stuff 3 July 2022

Yesn't Edition

Top Story

  • One of the things I want to do fairly soon is replace my four Synology boxes with one new one.  They're from 2012 and 2013 and so are the drives.

    I was planning on a new DS1821+ but when I looked there were none to be had anywhere.  That was going to give me a nice topic for a rant but when I looked again they were available so now I'm just confused.

    It's not a perfect device - the default network configuration is 4 x 1Gb interfaces which is just irritating - but filled with 12TB drives it would give me the same capacity as the existing four units without the drive failures and performance limitations of decade-old hardware.

  • Meta's Novi - formerly Diem - formerly Libera from formerly Facebook - is toast.  (CNet)

    This was a technically promising crypto project backed by over a dozen industry leaders that withered and died because (a) all the industry leaders hate each other and (b) absolutely everyone hates Facebook.

Tech News

Disclaimer: And on the twelfth hand...

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Saturday, July 02


Daily News Stuff 2 July 2022

As The Sun Sinks Slowly In The Wherever Edition

Top Story

  • Well, work insanity is finally easing for at least a couple of days. Have a big project kicking off next week and October is likely to be another write-off, but at least I won't be working 18 hour days and moving house at the same time.

    These posts will gradually return to their usual schedule and content.

  • It seems like I picked the right week to be on a big city salary with a small town mortgage: The GPU shortage is over.  (The Verge)

    Do I need a new GPU?  There are games I want to play and applications I want to run that can benefit from teraflops of crunching power, but I already have two laptops with RTX 3060 graphics, which while far from high end are perfectly fine for Minecraft and...  Also Minecraft.

    Still, with GPU prices down 57% since January it's awfully tempting.  (Tom's Hardware)

  • In fact, Nvidia, AMD, and Apple are all cutting back on 5nm production for their next-generation parts.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Thanks to our leaders for running a pump-and-dump scam on the entire global economy.

Tech News

Disclaimer: The way is dark, but the grue is otherwise occupied.  Proceed at own risk.

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Friday, July 01


Daily News Stuff 1 July 2022

Half Past 22 Edition

Top Story

  • Dell has replaced the old New Inspiron 16 Plus, which I rather like, with a new New Inspiron 16 Plus which is also mostly good and sort of much cheaper.

    The new model swaps the 11800H CPU for a 12700H - 20% faster on single-threaded tasks and 30% faster multi-threaded.  It only has six full size cores (down from eight) but also has eight half-size cores, for a convincing win overall.

    The 3072x1920 16" screen is still there, as are the Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics on the high-end model.  RAM is now DDR5, but be careful - except on the high-end model, half the RAM on this new version is soldered in place and can't be upgraded.

    The list price in Australia seems to be about the same as the old model when it was 40% off.  Since I got both of mine at 40% off I'm not mad about that, but I wonder if the new model will also get discounted.  It will be a bargain if it does.

    The only other change is that the numeric keypad has bitten the dust.

  • The Ryzen 5800X3D is a mixed bag.  (AnandTech)

    This is the 8-core 5800X with a jetpack strapped to it in the form of an extra 64MB of L3 cache.  This reduces the thermal efficiency of the cooler so it is clocked slightly lower than the regular version.

    The results depend on whether you need fast memory access, fast cores, or lots of cores to win a particular benchmark.  It's the fastest CPU around for Dwarf Fortress for small and medium worlds, but lags behind for large worlds.

    Playing Factorio it is up to 60% faster than Intel's i9-12900K, a massive difference.  But on many tests the extra cache doesn't help at all, and it's competing against chips with 16 or 20 cores, so those results aren't pretty.

Disclaimer: Blup me no blups.

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Thursday, June 30


Daily News Stuff 30 June 2022

All Sales Final Edition

Top Story

  • TSMC  to customers: Get with the program and move to 28nm already.  (AnandTech)

    Compared to the new hotness (see below) 28nm is old school and almost old hat, but it works, and it works the same as older processes.  It's the last robust process with planar transistors rather than FinFETs, so designs are relatively easy to move.

    There is also a 20nm planar node, but it sucks.  AMD never used it, for example, despite being stuck on 28nm for years.

  • Samsung meanwhile has started production at 3nm.  (ZDNet)

    The main advantage of Samsung's 3nm and their new GAAFET transistors is that they cut power consumption by nearly half.  They also reportedly offer up to 20% better performance but the way that number is measured makes its utility dubious.  You need the chart plotting frequencies against power consumption and the details of the sample circuit being evaluated.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, strike me a light, I'm in a plight.  Matchmaker, matchmaker, lend me your fire, my need for a smoke is dire.

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Wednesday, June 29


Daily News Stuff 29 June 2022

EOFYE Edition

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Tech News

Lego World War I Video of the Day

They've done Star Wars, Indiana Jones, DC, Marvel, and Harry Potter, so I guess this was next.

Except this is stop motion with real Lego, not computer animation.

Disclaimer: Q = 2b ^ ~2b.

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Tuesday, June 28


Daily News Stuff 28 June 2022

Oops It Deaded Again

Top Story

  • Server fell over at 5AM.  (Not the Ace server, the one that runs my own blog and many others.)

    I didn't have an audible alarm because I currently only have the travel laptop with me, and I didn't notice right away because I got to bed at 4:30 and had a meeting at 8:30.

    I have a new server, I just haven't had time to complete the migration.  Soon...

  • Rufus is a tool for generating install images that just happens to let you bypass Windows 11's requirements for a Microsoft online login.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Windows 11 Home - like 10 Home - has always required an online login; the recent change is that Windows 11 Pro now does as well.

    Funny thing is, I've activated Windows 10 Home on many systems and Windows 11 Home one one, and I've never used an online account to do so.  Just kill the network interface during initial setup and the online login widget dies too.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Could not read file A:\disclaimer.txt.  (A)bort, (R)etry, (I)gnore?

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