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Daily News Stuff 4 October 2022

Day Of Autotunement Edition

Top Story

  • Sometimes the only solution to a problem customer is to burn down their house.  (Cotten.io)

    In Minecraft.  Or in this case, in Ultima Online.

    An interesting discussion of the problem and the solution they eventually came up with:
    Dozens of homes had been destroyed across the entire multiverse of Ultima Online, and the flames licking the sooty rubble were a visible testimony to our team’s determination to deal with cheaters.

    It felt fantastic!

    And we were told not to do it again.

Tech News

  • DNS got hacked and the personal details of 16 million customers leaked online.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Apparently this DNS is a major Russian chain of electronics stores.

  • Yes, we have no Rapberry Pis.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Raspberry Pi hasn't provided an official update on the situation because, well, there is no update.  They're baking 400,000 Pis a month, the most they can get the parts for, and they're selling them just as fast.

  • HBO has found a new way to save money: Make TV episodes so dark it is impossible to tell what is going on.

    Next they might discover radio.

Bookworms, Ascendance Of

When I started watching it I didn't realise there were 36 episodes.  Oops.

Pretty good, though I was hoping to see Main / Myne

Well, the story is continued in the manga, as they say.  I had read the manga up to the end of part one, and the anime gets to the middle of part two.  The light novels and manga are now both well into part four...  Though apparently out of sync.  I think I'll continue with the manga for now.

Update: Or perhaps not.  I need to read part three of the manga and there's only three chapters translated of that.

Pikamee Reacts to Almost the End of the World Video of the Day

Life pro tip: Don't use magic spells to slow down the Moon's orbit.

Disclaimer: Next week, don't use magic spells to throw strangelets at the Sun.

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