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Water in the Fire Edition

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  • Every map of China is wrong.  (Medium)

    If you overlay satellite data on maps of China, nothing seems to line up properly.

    This is because all recent map of China are wrong - deliberately so, with locations shifted by anything from 50 to 500 meters.

    And nobody in China is permitted to correct the errors.

  • There's another critical security vulnerability in GitLab.  (Ars Technica)

    GitLab is great.

    Under no circumstances should you run your own instance connected directly to the internet.

  • Nurses say hospital adoption of half-cooked AI is reckless.  (TechDirt)

    I'm sure they do, and I'm sure it is, but this article not only provides no evidence whatsoever for these claims, it doesn't even provide any coherent claims.

  • Kobo's 2024 e-reader models are user-repairable.  (Liliputing)

    In the sense that a moderately experienced user with a $20 screwdriver set can open them up and replace the screen, battery, and motherboard, and the front and back parts of the case if the damage is physical rather than electronic.

    Which is not everything, but is certainly something.

Disclaimer: Which is not nothing.

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1 "No computer, no AI can replace a human touch," said Amy Grewal, a registered nurse. "It cannot hold your loved one's hand. You cannot teach a computer how to have empathy or make obnoxious tik-tok videos instead of treating patients."

Posted by: normal at Saturday, May 04 2024 03:46 AM (LADmw)

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