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Sunday, May 19


Daily News Stuff 19 May 2019

Skipped A Day Somewhere Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: Ask not for whom your country's bell tolls.  Ask rather what bell you can toll for your country.

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Daily News Stuff 18 May 2019

Pyloric Victory Edition

Local News

  • It looks like the Liberals (Australia's conservative party) have pulled off an upset win against Labor to retain power for the nineteenth consecutive year.* (Sydney Morning Herald)

    The Liberals suck and deserved to lose, but Labor are markedly worse, so... Eh.

    * Numbers may total to more than 100% due to rounding.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I guess I'm glad that the least worst party won.  I just wish we had a less worst party that could have won instead so I could rub it in their faces.  In the meantime, I have a busy day ahead, lots of dopey mopey leftists to make fun of.

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Saturday, May 18


Daily News Stuff 17 May 2019

Abject Apologies to Robert Frost Edition

Some say we'll end in Brave New World,
Some say in 1984.
I stand with corporate flag unfurled
And push like hell for Brave New World.
But if we had to fall once more,
I know enough of politics
To say that 1984
Could be the fix
I'm looking for.

Tech News

  • HPE is buying Cray for $1.3 billion.  (AnandTech)

    Seems like a good purchase.  HP Enterprise previously bought SGI in 2016, and Cray just won a $500 million dollar contract partnering with AMD to build a 1.5 exaflop supercomputer for the Department of Energy.

    What are such supercomputers used for?  Well, for example, in the Fukushima nuclear incident someone had the idea of pouring sand over the troubled reactor.  The DoE ran a simulation overnight and came back and said: Do NOT pour sand on the troubled reactor.  That would be bad.

  • Samsung is sampling 32Gb DDR4 chips.  (AnandTech)

    Already?  That was quick.  They only just got 16Gb chips shipping in any volume.

    Turns out the answer is no.  These are 16Gb chips, they're just two 16Gb chips.

    Exactly how they present logically and electrically, and whether they would allow you to put 4x64GB UDIMMs on a typical current generation CPU is not clear.

  • Good work guys.  Now even Canada doesn't like you.  (TechDirt)

    In the United States the social networks are protected by the First Amendment and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.  The rest of the world is pretty much a free-fire zone for speech rights.  None of the major players seems to have worked out what this means.

  • Black is a Python code formatter from the Python team.

    Being from the Python team, it doesn't work on any version of Python older than 3.6, and enshrines some formatting decisions that no-one really likes.

    I'll stick with Ctrl-Alt-L while I migrate to Crystal, thanks.

  • Salvatore Sanfilippo, the creator of Redis, writes about maintaining an open source project.

    Disclaimer: Redis doesn't suck.

  • Your internet data is rotten.  (The Conversation)

    Oh, rotting?  Well, that too I guess.

  • More like Hack Overflow, amirite?  (Bleeping Computer)

    Sigh.  At least they didn't incessantly demand personal data the way Quora did.

  • We've found enough exoplanets now to start teasing out new theories on planetary formation from the statistical data.  (Quanta)

    In this case, rocky planets 1.5 to 2 times the diameter of Earth are unexpectedly rare, possibly because once a planet reaches a certain size early in its formation, its growth tends to accelerate outside that range.

  • How did we end up in a timeline where Donald Trump is the last defender of free speech on Planet Earth?  (One Angry Gamer)

  • AnimeNYC says no fictional WWI Nazis thanks.  (One Angry Gamer)

    That's the second thing to show up on Twitter in the past 24 hours that has made me want to watch Tanya the Evil.

  • China bans the word "kill" from video games.  (One Angry Gamer)
    Fong brings word from the mainland that in addition to having to avoid games that disrupt China’s "socialist values”, they also have to avoid dismemberment, overt sexual content, bones, guts, human corpses, skeletons, and now blood of any kind.
    This is not about ethics or morality or social order; it's a demarcation dispute.

Videos of the Day


Sarazanmai, this season's NoitaminA entry.


Rick and Morty, of course, back for another 70 episodes starting in November.  No, seriously.

(Also, I spent several seconds after the trailer there thinking we were getting a voice-over from the actress who plays Summer, though YouTuber Alteori doesn't really sound that much like her.)

Much as I love Rick and Morty, the Japanese have animation down cold at this point.  Most new shows look amazing, even bad ones.  Look at the animations of water in Non Non Biyori for example; not that long ago that was a Ghibli signature piece.

Disclaimer: I know that rhyming four with for is lazy but that's all you get at - oh crap - 4AM.

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Thursday, May 16


Daily News Stuff 16 May 2019

Return of the Return of the Nyanpasu Edition

Tech News

  • Only Google can stop forest fires.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Add another one to the Killed by Google list.  Dual booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks is dead even before it shipped.

  • A 12 core Ryzen CPU benchmark leaked out.  (WCCFTech)

    It's an engineering sample with a top speed of 3.7GHz (the same as my Ryzen 1700) but even so outperforms 99.3% of systems on the UserBenchmark site.

  • Wait, Dropbox has an API?

    Now you tell me.

  • Google Pay's privacy settings are private.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Makes sense, I guess.

  • A vague handwavey plan to save the web that won't work.  (ZDNet)

  • Don't Believe the FUD: Ethereum Can Scale.  (Coindesk)

    Yeah, right.

    Ethereum is currently in the third day of its latest meltdown.  I have accumulated $100 just in transaction fees for transfers that have gotten stuck and aren't even showing as processing.

    Now, unlike with a bank, you get refunded the fees when those transactions eventually fail.  But right now the entire Ethereum network is basically unusable for anything more complicated than making payments - unless you are willing to pay transaction fees that are more than the value of the transaction itself.

  • If you want to make payments, you can do it far more quickly and cheaply on Stellar, unless the entire core cluster of nodes has fallen over simultaneously and the network can't figure out a quorum to continue processing.

    Which happened today.

    One of the projects at my day job is a dual blockchain app running on Ethereum and Stellar.  So yes, today was a lot of fun.

Anime Trailer of the Day

More trailers in the post below.  Scroll down.

Disclaimer: Sorry, we are unable to locate this transaction hash.

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Also known as Inari Kon Kon.

I was scrolling through AnimeLab (Australia's equivalent of Crunchyroll) and stumbled over this.  Five seconds into the opening credits I was hooked.

The sound is a little distorted on that video; the actual theme sounds better.  But that's probably why it's still up on YouTube.  The only other version is 240p.

There's also a trailer, which is very nice but does contain spoilers.

Fortunately the spoilers shouldn't spoil your enjoyment, because the quality of this show lies in how it does things as much as the story itself.

It's a little predictable, sure (if like me you've watched entirely too much anime), but it also gets everything right.  Including the ending.  There's an OVA that was released in the Blu-Ray collection, but it fits in at episode 5.5 or thereabouts, so it's just a little more story and doesn't change the ending at all.

It's very short - just ten episodes - and I would have liked more, but I'm glad for what we got.

What's it about?  See the opening credits, and the trailer if needed.  It's exactly what it says on the tin.

Four leaf-tailed squirrel foxes out of four.  Highly recommended.

The anime apparently only covers half the manga, but it does put an ending on the end, so if they were to do a second season it would have to be a Non Non Biyori style equel, speaking of which -


Five nyanpasus out of four.

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Wednesday, May 15


Daily News Stuff 15 May 2019

Ugh Bleh Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: Blup.

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Tuesday, May 14


Daily News Stuff 14 May 2019

Let The World Burn Edition

Breaking News Bulletin

  • Ethereum sucks.

Tech News

Anime Opening of the Day

Disclaimer: I've seen Sun monitors on fire off the side of the multimedia lab.  I've seen NTU lights glitter in the dark near the Mail Gate.  All these things will be lost in time, like the root partition last week.  Time to die...

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Daily News Stuff 13 May 2019

Inari Kon Kon Edition

Tech News

Anime Opening of the Day

This one had me sold five seconds into the opening credits.  It's Kamichu meets Kimi ni Todoke.  Though Kamichu itself is Kamichu meets Kimi ni Todoke, so I'm not sure if that helps.

Disclaimer: Cache all the things.  Never run a database query twice if you can possibly avoid it.

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Monday, May 13


Akanesasu Shoujo

Remarkably uneven, but it sticks the landing.

Not sure how to rate this one.  The ending is perfectly in sync with the beginning - not predictable, but the mood and outcome, which problems get resolved and which do not, and how they get resolved - exactly fits.

But the path it takes to get there is not one describable by mere language or mathematics.

As for the costume designs, well....


Most of it isn't like that, though.

Oh, what is it about?  The girls in a high school radio club (not the broadcasting club, their bitter rivals) play along with this urban myth that if you tune in to a certain frequency at the right place at the right time - 4:44 PM, specifically - you can pick up radio broadcasts from other places and other times.  

It never works, of course, and none of them really believes it.  Then snow bunnies show up, and you end up with chocolate bananas and eight headed dragons and gun horses and also a serious drama about how taking personal responsibility for things outside your control can be as destructive as avoiding responsibility for your own actions.

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Sunday, May 12


Daily News Stuff 12 May 2019

Help Whom Edition

Tech News

  • Mark Zuckerberg says breaking up Facebook isn't going to help.  (Tech Crunch)

    Perhaps not, but it would be hilarious.

  • Dear Facebook, please stop helping.  (The Atlantic)

    Facebook's core principles of radical inconsistency and guerrilla censorship make it hard to track down violent extremists, in this case, Syrian war criminals.

  • Never trust experts.  (The Atlantic)

    The article brings up Paul Ehrlich in the first paragraph, so you know the author is out for blood.  An interesting tidbit: Over the timeframe where Ehrlich predicted that famines would explode to kill hundreds of millions, deaths by famine declined by 95%.

  • GitHub has a new tool to automatically build Ruby, Java, .NET, and (ugh) NPM packages from your source code.  (ZDNet)

    This is handy.  Crystal (yeah, that again) makes this very easy, particularly if your code is on GitHub.  Having so much stuff centralised on one platform owned by Microsoft does make me a little queasy, but better there than Google.  Not something I thought I'd be saying ten years ago.  Or probably even five.

Anime Screenshots of the Day


Fair enough.


I thought that was Chiitan for a second, but it's actually the official town mascot Shinjokun, Chiitan's older brother who is married and doesn't end up in jail twice a month.

Disclaimer: It's basically Black Mirror Shopping Arcade Pretty Cure.

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