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Daily News Stuff 9 February 2022

I Had It In My Cart Edition

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  • I've mentioned that my new desktop setup is a pair of laptops - two Dell Inspiron 16 Pluses.  They're pretty capable systems, with 8 core 11th gen Intel CPUs, 32GB of RAM (now upgrade to 64GB), Nvidia RTX 3060 GPUs, and 1TB of SSD.

    The SSD they ship with is a tiny 2230 model, and there's room for another full-size 2280 model.  In the first one I've added a 4TB Corsair MP400, and I was set to buy another one today.  I even had it in my cart.

    Loaded up the site this morning and it disappeared from the cart.  Out of stock.

    Okay, there's another store that has it, just at a somewhat higher price.  Out of stock.

    Check Amazon.  Out of stock.

    Check Amazon for any 4TB M.2 drive that's available to ship, and up pops the Corsair MP510, a much better model, for basically the same price.

    Add to cart, check out, get confirmation that it will be delivered tomorrow.

    And then the price goes up by more than $400.  Which is why I didn't buy that model in the first place.  Don't know why it was so cheap right when I needed it, but I'm not going to complain.

  • The circle has finally been squared.  (Quanta)

    This ancient problem asked if it was possible to construct a square with the same area as a given circle using just a compass and straight-edge.  We now know that the answer is no.

    What has now been shown is that it is possible with a compass, a straight edge, and a very, very sharp knife.

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Party Like It's 1980-ish Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Though the last time I bought two because it was on sale it didn't turn out so well.

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