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Monday, July 16


Daily News Stuff 16 July 2018

Tech News

  • If you have two Dell Inspiron 7775s and cross link them via HDMI and configure one of them to use Radeon EyeFinity and then switch the other one to show internal video again, well, just don't do that.

    Normal Windows multi-display support seems to work just fine.  (Typing on Rally as a second screen for Tohru right now.)

  • Nvidia's Jepson embedded AI board supports PCIe 4.0 - and also 56 Gbps serdes.

    PCIe 1.0 was 2.5 Gbps, 2.0 was 5 Gbps, 3.0 is 8 Gbps but uses more efficient encoding, so it's very close to double the speed of 2.0.  PCIe 4.0 is 16 Gbps, and 5.0 will be 32 Gbps.  A lot of attention recently has been on 56 and 112 Gbps signalling, so this is set to continue for a while yet.  (WCCFTech)

  • Serverless is the big new buzzword for people who don't need to write real software.  Now you can serverless in QBasic.  (via Hacker News)

  • How will AMD's upcoming 32-core Threadripper CPU perform?  Well, we can get a good idea by overclocking AMD's existing 32-core EPYC CPUs.  The Threadripper will be Zen+ rather than Zen, so it will benefit from a faster cache and 12nm fabrication, but the core design and interconnect is identical.  32 cores at 4GHz, albeit with an external chiller similar to Intel's Computex demo.  Threadripper 2 will run on air cooling...  With a heatsink the size of a shoebox.  (via Reddit)

Picture of the Day

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Literally.  Zero degrees C overnight in my part of Sydney, and -3 in the western suburbs.  Not something that would fret those who live in temperate climes, but Sydney is subtropical; it hardly ever actually freezes here.


Update: Official low at the closest government weather station was 1.4C last night, and a rather brisk -4C out in Richmond.

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Sunday, July 15


Daily News Stuff 15 July 2018

Tech News

Picture of the Day

Chicago, 1969

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I May Have Goofed Slightly

I got my new computer.  Yay!

I got it up and running with no problems at all.  Yay!

I plugged it in as a second screen for my existing computer, and it worked immediately.  Yay!

The colour temperature, brightness, and gamut of the new display are noticeably different to the old one.  Oh, well, we can adjust -

When using it as a second display, it forgets all your adjustments and uses the defaults.

Rats.  Maybe there's a per-display adjustment I can do from the video card side of things.

Update: Yes!  Not full control, but I have full control of one display and brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation on the other.  They still don't match quite perfectly, but it's actually a closer match than my previous second screen.  I can't quite solve the contrast and gamut differences, because it seems that the new panel is just plain better than the old one.  I'll survive.

I once bought two Samsung professional IPS displays - from the same store, on the same day - that had as much difference as this.

And the fancy multi-system bluetooth keyboard and moose are now attached to both systems as well.

Update 2: Running Rally as a second screen for Tohru works, but not vice-versa.  I might just need a new HDMI cable; I haven't tried that one at 4K/60Hz before.  It syncs at first, then drops the picture and generally messes up.

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Saturday, July 14


Daily News Stuff 14 July 2018

Tech News

  • Aquantia have 10Gb ethernet for everyone unless you have a laptop or an all-in-one PC or want to, like, plug the damn thing into a switch.

    Still, getting there.  (AnandTech)

  • Python creator and BDFL Guido van Rossum is planning to step down as project leader.  After nearly 30 years, he's earned a vacation.  (Fudzilla)

  • Rally Vincent is here!  Unpacking and setting up today.

  • Blackmagic has an external GPU for the new MacBook Pro family and it doesn't just look like a stainless steel breadbox.  Features the ubiquitous Radeon 580 with 8GB GDDR5 memory (just like Rally).  (Wccftech)

  • Intel is aiming the Xeon E squarely at workstations, not servers.  Which renders it largely pointless, since AMD's Ryzen matches it for performance and Threadripper stomps it into the dirt, and both support ECC memory. 

    It has a niche as a server CPU since neither of those AMD chips are sold for servers, but is largely useless otherwise.  (ServeTheHome)

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Friday, July 13


Daily News Stuff 13 July 2018

Tech News - Nightmare on Pixy Street Edition

  • Apple releases 4-core 13" and 6-core 15" MacBook Pro catching up with the rest of the industry.

    Other developments are support for 32GB RAM on the 15" model, much demanded by graphics professionals, and up to 4TB SSD.  Which brings the price for the fully-configured 15" model to a little over A$10,000.

    My 3-year-old Dell Inspiron 15 7000* supports 32GB RAM and 4TB of SSD, if I should decide I want that.   The upgrade would work out to $1800.  Also, it has a higher resolution screen than the 15" MacBook Pro.

    The 15" model does now offer Radeon 560 graphics, so CPU and GPU alike are three times as fast as my Dell.  But no PgUp / PgDn / Home / End keys.  (AnandTech)

    Six Colors has more details from a Mac user perspective but no reviews yet.  (Six Colors)

    iMore offers the sort of first impressions article that makes me think the tame Apple press should be locked up somewhere for their own safety.  (iMore)

  • Intel announces the long-awaited Xeon E family.  These bring last year's 6-core Coffee Lake CPUs to the entry-level server market, which has been stuck at four cores since the X3220 came out more than 11 years ago.

    Despite having the identical LGA1151 socket, these new chips will not work on either desktop motherboards or existing server motherboards, because fuck you. 

    Also, the new and mandatory server chipset has built-in wifi, because fuck your firewall too.  (AnandTech)

  • Dell announces new workstations based on the Xeon E.  (AnandTech)

  • Lenovo also has Xeon E workstations.  (Tom's Hardware)

  • Chrome 67 adds additional site isolation features to prevent code from bad sites trying to exploit CPU bugs to steal details from other sites.  This is great, only downside is that it makes Chrome even more of a memory hog.  (PC Perspective)

  • Saphhire's Ryzen APU embedded board has pricing, starting at $325 for the low-end 2-core version, up to $450 for the 4-core version with Vega 11.  (PC Perspective / Tom's Hardware)

  • The crappy 9th Circuit court has refused to rehear its crappy Blurred Lines decision en banc.  Unfortunately, chances of a successful Supreme Court appeal seem slim.  (TechDirt)

  • Lenovo's Miix 630 12" ARM Windows tablet is out, with the single available model listing for $899.  The Surface Go is cheaper, but Lenovo's price includes the keyboard and pen (each a $100+ upgrade for the Surface) and the Miix has built-in LTE, which is currently not even an option for the Surface Go.

  • Intel is doomed.  Well, doomed-ish anyway.  AMD's single-socket EPYC can outperform the low end of dual-socket Intel servers, and AMD's manufacturing costs are lower so Intel can't easily undercut them on pricing.

    The server market has for some years been about 10% single socket, 80% dual socket, and 10% larger (four, eight, and serious big-iron systems), and Intel carefully tailored their marketing and pricing to fit that exactly.  And AMD just blew it all up.  (The Next Platform) 

    Article is sponsored by AMD but worth a read if you're in the industry.

  • Remember the Lenovo ThinkPad E485 with the great pricing?  Well, they fixed that.  Up from A$999 to A$1299.

Picture of the Day

Satellite Soda.  I don't know, don't look at me.  Okayyyy...  Art by Scott Wade like it says.

* Azu-nyan.

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Thursday, July 12


Daily News Stuff 12 July 2018

Tech News

Video of the Day

Not a real trailer.  Unfortunately.

Picture of the Day

Not a real book, unfortunately.  Art by Aly Fell.


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Wednesday, July 11


Daily News Stuff 11 July 2018

Tech News

  • If you have a DHCP problem on Google Cloud, the simplest way to fix it involves deleting your server.  Go on, ask me how my day went.

  • AnandTech has all the details on Microsoft's Surface Go.  Starts at $399 in America, $599 in Australia, with 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC storage.  8/128 model is $599/$839.

    10" 1800x1200 screen, 521 grams.  That makes it a little heavier than an iPad, but it's a real computer.*  (AnandTech)

Video of the Day

I had no idea this was a thing.  The error I was getting from the servers due to the DHCP problem was the infamous martian source.  Someone joked on Twitter that maybe my packets really were coming from Mars, and I replied that the chances of that were a million to one, AND SOME PEOPLE DIDN'T GET THE REFERENCE AND PIXY WAS SAD.

So I looked for something on YouTube to explain it and found a whole bunch of videos from these amazing concerts Jeff Wayne has been doing over the last ten years.  That would really be something to see.

The sound quality of that video is pretty bad, but it's available on iTunes in HD.

* Bite me, Apple.  I have an iPad.  It's rubbish.

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Tuesday, July 10


Daily News Stuff 10 July 2018

Tech News

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Monday, July 09


Daily News Stuff 9 July 2018

Tech News

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