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Not With A Bing But A Whimper Edition

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  • The Auspicious Machine is like a chunky Blackberry.  (Liliputing)

    It has a 640x480 LCD screen - rather low resolution in this day and age, a physical QWERTY keyboard, a D-pad for games, a tiny trackball, and no CPU, memory, or storage whatsoever (though there is a micro-SD slot).

    That's because it's designed as a carrier for a Raspberry Pi Compute Module - specifically the CM4 - or anything with a compatible connector and form factor.  The CM4 is just 40x55 mm - 1.6x2.2 inches - so it easily fits within a phone-sized device, and is available with up to 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

    Not a terrible idea, though the CM4 is much slower than current phone models, even budget ones.

  • The 7950X3D appears to be slower than the 7950X in Geekbench and Blender.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The 5800X3D was also slower than the regular 5800X in common benchmarks, while turning in amazing results in certain game titles.  (TechSpot)

    Nothing seems to have changed there, so if you mostly play Apex you can give this one a pass, but if you enjoy racing sim Assetto Corsa you could see a 40% increase in frame rates (if your graphics card can keep up).

  • Nvidia's RTX 40980 Ti and Titan RTX Ada: Everything we know.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Which is basically nothing.  It's all speculation, though we do know that the 4090 only enables 8 out of 9 of the shader clusters on the AD102 chip, leaving room for a new card to be all of 12.5% faster.

Disclaimer: Just stick that ice pick in and swizzle it around a bit and all your problems will be over, replaced by a whole new set of problems.

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1 Well, I'm sure the CM4 also doesn't have 60GB of "value added" software installed either.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, February 19 2023 12:49 AM (obo9H)

2 While Pizza Tower ChatGPT may appear similarly capable, it lacks the ability to learn and adapt beyond its initial training, potentially leading to erratic behavior.

Posted by: Tower at Wednesday, April 17 2024 12:21 PM (XJA3c)

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