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Into The Tessereactor

I think the Minecraft modpack is done.  There's nothing I know of to add, and nothing that is causing problems.

It will be uploaded to Curseforge soon, and I'll upload the file here as well - the modpack definition file is only about 600K.

The goal of this is a "vanilla plus plus" feel; that everything in the modpack is something Mojang might add if Microsoft weren't terrified of upsetting the players.  So there are no crazy magic mods, and no dramatic changes to the look and feel.  It doesn't add to or change any of the status bars, and you start the game empty handed looking for a tree to punch just as always.

But there's a lot of stuff in there; even without the special tricks it has ten times as many different creatures and twenty times as many items as base Minecraft.

The focus is on exploration, building, and crafting, rather than combat or role-playing.

Some highlights:

Building and Crafting

  • Create, along with a number of add-ons
  • Chipped, which alone adds about seven thousand new decorative blocks - and seven new workstations for creating and modifying them
  • Chisels and Bits, which lets you use a chisel to carve Minecraft blocks into any shape you fancy
  • Domum Ornamentum, which lets you take two Minecraft blocks (including blocks from other mods) and a pattern, and create a new block combining them


Without going totally crazy, there are a lot of new dimensions, including:
  • The Aether (with add-ons)
  • The Bumblezone
  • The Everbright
  • The Everdawn
  • The Feywild
  • The Twilight Forest
  • The Undergarden
Meanwhile the Nether and the End have been upgraded with Incendium and Nullscape and several other mods.


Again, a lot of new beasties, many of them not automatically hostile.
  • Bugs Aplenty
  • Cane's Wonderful Spiders
  • Creeper Overhaul
  • Critters and Companions
  • Enderman Overhaul
  • Exotic Birds
  • Grimoire of Gaia, which includes a number of hostile mobs so they are set to only start showing up after 28 days in game
  • More Mob Variants, which includes all the new wolf types coming in 1.21
  • Nether Depths
  • Nether Overhaul
  • Productive Bees
  • Unusual Fish
  • What the Gecko


  • Villages and villagers have received a major upgrade combining about thirty different mods and resource packs - though they're still kind of dumb because the AI upgrade I tried made the game crash
  • Food and drink are completely overhauled, with Aquaculture, Croptopia, Farmer's Delight giving a huge range of crops and cooking options, and the Let's Do series bringing wine, beer, spirits, tea and coffee, and candlelit dinners
  • New measures to protect and enhance your pets - plus a lot of new pets to find
  • Easier travel with Small Ships, Immersive Aircraft, and from Tameable Beasts several new steeds to ride - some of which can fly

It works within the default 4GB heap allocated by the Curseforge loader, and runs fine in 16GB of RAM even with a bunch of other stuff active.

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1 Very nice.  I might have to make the plunge in soon, and this definitely helps since going through the mods can be a nightmare.

Someone remind me which version of Minecraft has the Java already built in, so you do not have to install Java on your system?

And anyone has pointers on doing sysprep on a Win11 laptop?  Yes, I got one.  No, bashing it to pieces is not an option.  Neither is Linux.

Posted by: cxt217 at Sunday, June 02 2024 01:21 AM (ZLF73)

2 "Someone remind me which version of Minecraft has the Java already built in, so you do not have to install Java on your system?"

The Java Edition launcher will install Java for you, and has done so for several years.  It's been updated so that for newer versions of Minecraft, it will use newer versions of Java, too (Minecraft 1.19 will get Java 1.17 installed, for example, and it is capable of installing multiple JREs)

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, June 02 2024 04:02 AM (BMUHC)

3 Not hassling, but your upcoming modpack has an increasingly impatient audience over here smile

Posted by: Andrew Horn at Sunday, June 09 2024 04:09 PM (uEGFG)

4 Preview sent!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, June 10 2024 03:18 PM (PiXy!)

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