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Daily News Stuff 1 June 2024

Xboxnt Edition

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  • Xbox is was down.  (Reddit)

    Pixy, your Xbox and Xbox 360 are sitting in a box in the garage, and your Xbox Series X is sitting in its original box in the closet because you still haven't opened it.  What do you care?

    I can't log in to Minecraft.

    I have Minecraft installed.  I have my own server.  I can't play it because a service I don't use and don't care about is down.
    You may not be able to sign-in to your Xbox profile, may be disconnected while signed in, or have other related problems. Features that require sign-in like most games, apps and social activity won't be available.
    This apparently includes offline single-player games that you have already installed on your console.  And Minecraft.

  • Live Nation has confirmed earlier reports of a data breach.  (Tech Crunch)

    The company itself wasn't hacked, but:
    A spokesperson for Ticketmaster, who would not provide their name but responded from the company’s media email address, told TechCrunch that its stolen database was hosted on Snowflake, a Boston-based cloud storage and analytics company.
    I hate cloud storage.
    Snowflake said in a post on Friday that it had informed a "limited number of customers who we believe may have been impacted" by attacks "targeting some of our customers' accounts." Snowflake did not describe the nature of the attacks, or if data had been stolen from customer accounts.
    The problem there is that when Snowflake says "a limited number of customers", they mean "a handful of the largest corporations in America", not "a small number of individual people".

    And just one of Snowflakes customers had half a billion customers of its own.

    As always with security, it's only as strong as the Post-it note on the intern's desk at your cloud storage provider.

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Disclaimer: Pfeh.

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1 I have to ask - Santander in Spain?  Europe in general?  US?  World?

This might get ugly very fast...For everyone except maybe the FBI.  Who are already corrupt, but everyone knew that.

Posted by: cxt217 at Sunday, June 02 2024 01:18 AM (ZLF73)

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