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  • Can special lightbulbs end the next pandemic before it starts?  (Vox)

    1. It's Vox.
    2. Betteridge's Law.
    3. Uh, maybe?

    They're talking about zapping rooms with far-UV light when they're not in use, which basically, uh, works.  Far-UV is not particularly friendly to your skin or eyes, so there certainly safety considerations.  And installing it is not particularly cheap.

    But between the disease and the response the US lost about $14 trillion to COVID, so it sounds like it's worth a shot.

    Just try to keep it away from idiots.  (MSNBC)

  • Or you could go outdoors, where the UV light is free, and you can't sue anyone.

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1 The far-UV article calls out skin/eye damage and ozone production as the risks of bombarding building interiors with UV, but fails to mention the accelerated fading of fabrics, stained and painted surfaces, artwork, etc. Bit of a gray area there...


Posted by: J Greely at Friday, January 19 2024 10:55 AM (oJgNG)

2 I don't particularly want to read something that will hurt my soul and my brain at the same time, but besides being a terrific destroyer of various things made from organic compounds (rubber, various plastics), what's the downsides of ozone production?  A good bit of the secondary "disinfecting" properties of  high-wattage far-UV is the ozone it produces.  I thought we knew this.

Posted by: normal at Friday, January 19 2024 03:02 PM (bg2DR)

3 "accelerated fading"

We had to destroy the building to save it!

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, January 20 2024 12:52 AM (BMUHC)

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