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  • Most of the talents from the soon-to-be defunct Prism Project have confirmed they will be continuing as indie vtubers.

    Sara Nagare plans to quit her part time job to focus on it full time, since without corporate backing she'll have to do all her own management - and will also make twice as much money.

    Kou Tsubame is the only one so far that will be suspending streaming after the end of March.

  • Can I offer you a Banpire in these trying times?  Hololive's Yozora Mel is returning to her personal channel in about an hour.

    She was fired earlier this year for an NDA violation; basically she discussed her job with a trusted friend...  Who turned out to be not at all trustworthy.

Why Do They Do It Video of the Day

Two of the talents from Prism Generation 7 mentioned in streams today that there were three thousand people auditioning for just three spots in their small vtuber agency.

Why do it?  Why try so hard?

Because if you do make it into the big leagues, stuff like this can happen:

Mumei offered to hand-draw the avatars of anyone who sent in a donation of $50 or more.  (After YouTube and Hololive, but before taxes, she keeps about a third of that.)

She opened donations for one minute.

She got $27,000.

Disclaimer: And RSI after 40 hours of drawing.

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1 About the Minnesota helium - will the Feds strain a major muscle group hurrying to declare that area off limits?

Posted by: Frank at Sunday, March 03 2024 08:25 PM (cARBX)

2 Probably.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, March 04 2024 06:34 PM (PiXy!)

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