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Daily News Stuff 12 September 2023

Ice Ice Bagel Edition

Top Story

  • How ice is turning into an exotic and luxurious commodity.  (Axios)

    Ice?  What exactly do you mean by "ice"?  Obviously not frozen water, because even ignoring the polar ice caps, there's about 150 quadrillion kilograms of ice just sitting around in various glaciers.
    Ice β€” in exotically shaped cubes, boozy popsicles or suffusing your coffee β€”is having its moment in the zeitgeist.

    Why it matters: During a record hot summer when icebound places are melting rapidly, it makes sense that ice β€” a commodity we take for granted until it grows scarce β€” has turned chic.

    Oh.  You really do mean frozen water.
    By the numbers: More than 60% of Gen Z consumers ordered a cold coffee drink from a food service location in the first half of 2022, compared with 33% who ordered a hot coffee drink, says Mintel, the trend-spotting consultancy.
    Consuming nearly 0% of the world's non-renewable ice supply.
    At the same time, American tourists are getting scorned in Europe for their ice-loving ways. (In other cultures, ice is seen as taking valuable real estate away from the beverage at hand.)
    The European ice ration is two cubes per month, so this is not surprising.
    The bottom line: While the fancy ice trend is mostly about harmless fun, the growing prevalence of drought and water insecurity point to a future where ice will be at an ever-greater premium.
    Yeah, if you can't do first-grade level arithmetic.  And don't have object permanence, something that most babies develop by around six months.

    When you're talking to or otherwise dealing with journalists, treat them like an unusually stupid Cavalier King Charles spaniel that has recently been exposed to rabies and also sprayed by a skunk.

    They're certainly not human.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I draw the line at RPG II though.

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1 Ladies love printers, my friends.  If you want to make a lady happy, keep her colour printer working.  She won't ever thank you for making it work, this is true, but if it stops working, you won't be having sex for a long long time.  And ladies hate sharing printers.  Don't ever ask a lady to let you use her printer.  Get your own printer, you worthless slob!  Just keep her printer stocked up with toner and paper and if she wants you to look at this cute print out of a snake and an apple, smile and nod.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, September 12 2023 09:22 PM (obo9H)

2 I'm pretty sure my Brother multi-function printer/scanner/copier is not directly supported by Windows either, so that will suck. On the other hand, printer drivers are notorious for being buggy, causing performance issues, sometimes memory leaks, and security vulnerabilities, so I can see where Microsoft is coming from.

Posted by: David Eastman at Wednesday, September 13 2023 02:20 AM (R7Z4D)

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