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Daily News Stuff 27 August 2023

Eight Days A Week Edition

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  • There's nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon sitting in your favourite chair with a warm cup of 9Gbps DDOS attack.

  • Running Linux on a Commodore 64.  (GitHub)

    With a memory expansion module.  You can't actually run Linux in 64k of RAM.

    And even then, it's only been tested in emulators.  It works by running a RISC-V emulator on the Commodore 64, and running Linux in that.  The developer estimates that it would take about a week to boot on real hardware; it takes two hours on an accelerated emulator.

Tech News

  • South Yorkshire Police accidentally lost three years of bodycam footage.  (The Independent)

    This likely scuttles dozens of prosecutions.  

    Rotherham is in South Yorkshire.  So is Hillsborough, where 97 people died back in 1989 as a direct result of police mishandling crowd control.

    Back then they used VHS tapes, which couldn't be deleted at the touch of a button.

    The VHS tapes of the incident were somehow stolen.  From a locked cupboard, in a locked room, protected by a burglar alarm...  That didn't go off.

    Turns out they were the wrong tapes anyway; it was a different set of tapes that proved the police were lying about the event.

  • Did you know they have the internet on computers now?  Threads is available on the web.  (ZDNet)

    Both the remaining users are reportedly pleased by this news.

  • Speaking of losing important files, a crypto startup has gone bankrupt after losing the keys to its main wallet.  (404 Media)

    Its main wallet containing customer funds.

    They've known about this since December.

    Of 2021.

    And only now are bothering to tell anyone.

    Based on the numbers given in the article, the company was bankrupt even with the contents of that wallet; they're just extra double bankrupt without it.

Disclaimer: The car keys!  Neil, you've got the car keys!

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1 Linux servers vary widely in their memory requirements depending on their roles. A Geometry Dash Breeze minimal server installation might start around 512 MB to 1 GB, while servers handling large databases, virtualization, or heavy web traffic might need 4 GB or more.

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