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Windows Vista: The Paranoid Schizophrenic Operating System That's Coming Soon To A PC Near You If You're Not Careful

Analysis by Peter Gutmann.

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1 Vista is a real grab bag of good and bad it seems.

Functionally its supposed to be better. A lot more eye candy.

However it all comes at a cost in performance (typical). Plus the DRM is totally evil. That includes the anti-piracy features. I love the name "Windows Genuine Advantage". Its yet to be proven that it advantages the user in anyway. :)

However I did break down and buy a WinXP licence just for the free Vista upgrade.

Certainly Cleartype makes a huge difference to LCD display quality. My eyes no longer feel like they've been rolled in sand.

Posted by: Andrew at Tuesday, December 26 2006 06:52 PM (81C4m)

2 And now you see one of the reasons I've refused to budge off of Win2k.  There's no point in trying to keep up when the AntiChrist Gates is out to screw you over big-time. I'd rather accept the relatively minor compromises forced by an "unsupported" O/S than put up with a system that can be induced to self-destruct by the introduction of a simple music CD or DVD.

Oh, wait.... been there and done that already, haven't we?

Posted by: ubu roi at Tuesday, December 26 2006 07:51 PM (k1UIa)

3 Part of the issue with the whole Sony root kit is that its produced as a legitimate  piece of software.

The security on Vista would be useless as far as I can see as the vendor would have paid for signing rights to access what it needs.

Posted by: Andrew at Tuesday, December 26 2006 08:13 PM (81C4m)


Wow. Just wow.

Posted by: Yahzi at Tuesday, January 09 2007 05:04 PM (YW6YL)

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