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Daily News Stuff 30 January 2024

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  • AMD's new Ryzen 8700G and 8600G are here.  (AnandTech)

    They provide pretty good CPU performance with pretty good integrated graphics.

    The 8700G in particular can provide 49 fps in Baldur's Gate 3 at 1080p low settings, where Intel's 14700K manages just 13.

    A cheaper CPU with a low-end graphics card will do much better for games, and you can get a 7900X for $399 which will do much better for productivity.

    But if you want something mostly for work that can also run games like Minecraft or Palworld (cough) it might do fine, and the graphics card market sucks right now.

    The 8600G and 8700G only have 20 lanes of PCIe 4 instead of 28 lanes of PCIe 5 on the mainstream Ryzen desktop chips, but that's still fine unless you want to run something like Asus's NVMe RAID card, which just won't work with this chip.

    The 8500G cuts that to 14 lanes of PCIe 4, though, which just isn't enough.

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